Utilities for logging to neptune.ai.

class das.neptune.Poseidon(project: Optional[str] = None, api_token: Optional[str] = None, params: Optional[Dict] = None, infer_from_env: bool = False)[source]

Utility class for logging to neptune.ai in das.train.train.

Set up neptune run and log params.

  • project (Optional[str], optional) – Project to log to. Defaults to None.

  • api_token (Optional[str], optional) – Neptune api token. Defaults to None.

  • params (Optional[Dict], optional) – Dict to log to hyper-parameters. Defaults to None.

  • infer_from_env (bool, optional) – read project and api_token from environment variables NEPTUNE_PROJECT and NEPTUNE_API_TOKEN. Defaults to False.


Get callback for auto-logging from tensorfow/keras.

log_test_results(report: Dict)[source]

Log final classification result from test data.


report (Dict) – dictionary containing the classification report.