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Load data for training/testing.
See doc/ for a description of the data schema.
import os.path
from . import npy_dir

def _select(data, x_suffix, y_suffix):
    for lvl in ["test", "val", "train"]:
        if lvl in data:
            if "y_" + y_suffix in data[lvl]:
                data[lvl]["y"] = data[lvl]["y_" + y_suffix]
                if "eventtimes_" + y_suffix in data[lvl]:
                    data[lvl]["eventtimes"] = data[lvl]["eventtimes_" + y_suffix]
            if "x_" + x_suffix in data[lvl]:
                data[lvl]["x"] = data[lvl]["x_" + x_suffix]
                if "eventtimes_" + x_suffix in data[lvl]:
                    data[lvl]["eventtimes"] = data[lvl]["eventtimes_" + x_suffix]

    if f"samplerate_x_{x_suffix}_Hz" in data.attrs:
        data.attrs["samplerate_x_Hz"] = data.attrs[f"samplerate_x_{x_suffix}_Hz"]

    if "class_names_" + y_suffix in data.attrs and "class_types_" + y_suffix in data.attrs:
        data.attrs["class_names"] = data.attrs["class_names_" + y_suffix]
        data.attrs["class_types"] = data.attrs["class_types_" + y_suffix]
    return data

def _to_dict(data):
    "Convert dict-like zarr or h5 store `data` to python dictionary."
    d = npy_dir.DictClass()
    d.attrs = dict(data.attrs)  # cast to dict since data.attrs are read-only for zarr stores
    for key_top in data.keys():
        d[key_top] = dict()
        for key, val in data[key_top].items():
            d[key_top][key] = val
    return d

[docs]def load(location, x_suffix="", y_suffix=""): """Load data for training/testing from zarr store, npy directory, or hdf5 file. Args: location ([type]): [description] x_suffix, y_suffix (str, optional): alternative key for the training source and target (allows for different x/y's for the same y/x in one data file) Returns: dict-like complying with data schema defined above """ location = os.path.normpath(location) # remove trailing path separators if location.endswith(".zarr"): import zarr data =, mode="r") elif location.endswith(".h5"): import h5py data =, mode="r") elif location.endswith(".npy"): data = npy_dir.load(location) else: raise ValueError( f'Could not load data. Location {location} has unknown extension - needs to end either in ".zarr", ".npy", or ".h5".' ) data = _to_dict(data) if len(x_suffix) or len(y_suffix): data = _select(data, x_suffix, y_suffix) return data