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Invited talks

From song to behavior in Drosophila.
03/2019 Bi-annual meeting of the German Neuroscience Society, Göttingen, Germany
05/2018 Neuroscience Department seminar, Oldenburg, Germany
07/2017 Drosophila neuroscience workshop, Crete, Greece
11/2017 Cellular neurobiology group seminar, Göttingen, Germany
12/2017 MPI for dynamics and self-organization, Göttingen, Germany

Neural computations underlying acoustic communication in Drosophila
09/2016 DZG Tagung (invited talk), Kiel, Germany
09/2016 Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin, Germany

Organization of adaptation in the auditory receptor neurons of Drosophila
09/2016 Neural Coding workshop, Cologne, Germany
09/2016 Bernstein Conference 2016, Berlin, Germany

Neural computations underlying acoustic communication in Drosophila
06/2016 European Neuroscience Institute, Göttingen, Germany

Connecting neural codes with behavior in the auditory system of Drosophila
08/2015, Swartz theoretical neuroscience meeting, Janelia, USA
06/2015, Würzburg University, Germany
05/2015, retreat of the Princeton Neuroscience Institute, Red Bank, USA
04/2015, sense2synapse meeting, New York, USA

Optimal sparse coding of song in a size-constrained auditory system?
07/2011, CNS 2011, Stockholm, Sweden | abstract

Optimal coding of song in grasshoppers
02/2011, Trinity College, Dublin, Irland

Transformation of the neural representation of song in the early auditory system of grasshoppers
10/2010, Berlin Brain Days, Berlin, Germany

Optimal coding of song in grasshoppers
05/2010, PhD Symposium of the Bernstein Center for Computational Neuroscience, Berlin

Transformation of the neural representation of song in the metathoracic ganglion of grasshoppers
03/2010, Orthopteran Research Meeting, Berlin